Ugh, What a Month!

This has been a September for the history books.

I planned on getting back into the swing of things here on the blog, as well as with all the crafting, and whatnot, and then my third born child got into a bicycle accident and broke her mouth. She’s fine, now, but I see lots of costly dental work in her future…

Traumatic events aside, I’ve been busy. Not just taking care of Maggie, but I’ve also been crafting. I’m actually working on two projects right now, Claude the Octopus and Jasseron. Both projects were started a while ago, and, incidentally, both projects are for my injured chick. The Octopus is a surprise, and the sweater is a long promised project.

Claude is definitely an advanced pattern. It’s also a pattern you have to give your full attention, as I have learned the hard way. With so many stitches in each round, my count has been off again and again and again, but, no worries–I can manipulate it at the end when I start putting the pieces together. No one will ever notice…shhhhhhhhh….


I’m also knitting Jasseron, which is a free pattern from Knitty. I love the raglan style sleeves, and I think the design will definitely compliment my non-girly girl. So far, I’ve finished the front panel, and I’m about 80% done on the back panel. Then, it’ll be sleeves and collar and putting it all together.


Wowza, it needs some blocking!

Other than that, I’m just trying to play catch up on all the housework I’ve let slide the last two weeks. I’d rather be knitting. Or crocheting. Or drawing. Or sewing. Sigh.



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