What I Did on Summer Vacation Pt. 1

School started here in this little corner of Georgia a few weeks ago, and this time ALL the kids left the house! The youngest has finally become old enough to start her long, long journey through public education system. Marcy’s in pre-k, now, and I’m not sure who’s happier–her or me!


We had a busy, busy summer. It flew by, and yet, by the time the first day of school rolled around, I was nudging them out the door with the enthusiasm of a mom who had to settle disputes on an hourly basis every day for two months. Don’t feel bad for the kids, though. They were equally glad to leave.

As mentioned, we had a busy summer. Actually, it’s been a pretty busy year for us, travel-wise. In January, I went to Savannah, GA for my 40th birthday with my best friend, Cathy. In April, John and I had our first EVER vacation–just the two of us–while my parents watched the kids. Then, in June, we took a trip up to New York to visit John’s mom and sister, and meet our newest niece. In July, we spent a long weekend at Hilton Head Island, SC.

We took some photos in NY, but in Hilton Head, I think I took ALL the pictures. For that reason, I’m going to break this blog post into two.

First up, New York:

When we visit family in Upstate, we usually stay a solid week, since the drive up and back takes two days. (As a family of four, we do NOT drive straight through anymore. We stop at the same hotel on the way there and back, which makes things simple.)

Our visit was a bit crazy, this time around. Sean’s a teenager, now, and his mood swings are swift and often. Autism complicates things, and we had to redirect, revise, and reroute our plans a few times over the course of our week in NY. For example, we were supposed to take the kids on the Uncle Sam Thousand Islands River cruise, ending at Hart Island to tour Boldt Castle. Sean hates boats, so we were going to leave him with Grandma while we took the other three kids, who we feel miss out on a lot of fun because taking Sean on certain excursions–like boat trips–can be challenging. (Want to know some tough kids? Autism siblings. Seriously.) Unfortunately, Sean was feeling extra moody that week, and we were worried he might end up being too much to handle, so we thought, maybe, just maybe, if we explain we’re going on the boat, make it sound like a super fun time, he would go along with it. Because, we weren’t talking about a small pontoon boat. This was going to be a double decker cruise boat! Well, we get there and, no surprise, Sean flat out refused to get on the ship. So John stayed behind with him while the three other kids and I sadly took a two-plus hour tour around the 1000 Islands.


But, halfway through the cruise, I learned there was snacks, soft drinks (and, more importantly, beer) on board, and we ended up making the best of it.


We didn’t end up getting to tour Boldt Castle, since we wanted to get back to dad and Sean. I took a nice photo of it, though, while briefly docked there.


As I mentioned, one of the reasons we headed up to New York was to meet the newest addition to our family, my niece, Wyatt.


She’s such a beautiful baby!

I knitted a full romper set for her using the Mavis pattern, which can be found on Ravelry.

I also sewed a set of reversible bibs using a pattern I found at Things for Boys–but, sadly, I forgot to take photos of them?! I could’ve sworn I took some pictures before giving them to my sister-in-law, but I can not find photographic proof of the bibs’ existence anywhere. Oh, well! I’ll just have to make more…

…Because I have a new nephew on the way, too! (From a different sister-in-law.) So, not only will I be making new bibs, I will also be knitting up the Mavis set again, but, this time, in boy colors. šŸ™‚

That’s it for part one of “What I Did on Summer Vacation.” Check back for my Hilton Head Island post, which will be posted next week.





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