Holy Cow, Holidays!

I meant to only skip a week between posts, because LIFE, but now we’re in December, and I still haven’t photographed my FINISHED Spice of Life Blanket, or posted pictures of Maggie’s FINISHED socks.


It’s the end of the year and I’ve literally been cramming all the doctor and dentist appointments I’ve put off to the few weeks before the kids get out of school for winter break. :/ Upside: I’m getting schtuff done. Downside: no time for ANYTHING else.  (As I type, I’m stealing a few moments before I have to go pick up one of kids to take to a check up. I should be starting a load of laundry.)

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. We went to Upstate New York to visit my husbands’ family, and had lots of relaxing time.

A trip to Upstate NY is not complete until we visit Aunt Cheryl and say hello to Freya. 🙂 That’s not an accurate sentence. Aunt Cheryl hosts the Thanksgiving meal, so the visit was definitely not an afterthought. And, she has more than one horse, but if you’ve seen my previous pictures from her house, you’ll recognize that this is the horse that always makes sure to greet us. Such a sweet girl.

I do have picture of the finished socks I made for Maggie:


This picture was taken in the car on the way back from NY. Underneath the socks are the completed Spice of Life Blanket. It kept my legs toasty on the trip. 🙂

I’m working on three new projects right now: 1.) a sweater for Maggie, 2.) a tree skirt (yeah, yeah, cutting a bit close on that one, since the tree is up and Christmas is just weeks away) following this pattern,  and 3.) a secret project I’ll share later this week. Here’s a sneak peak:


I have more to say, and more to share, but I really need to get up and get ready to pick up Magpie.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Until next time!


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