A Day Late and Several Rows Short

Guys, this has been a busy week. I’ve tried to catch up on the Spicier Life CAL (and I WILL!) but I promised progress photos yesterday and I did not deliver.

My apologizes.

So, I am about three rows short of finishing part four, and I really thought I was going to knock those out last night…but I’m also reading listening to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke (another thing I’m scrabbling to finish, since it’s a library check out and will be due back tomorrow), and the repetitive double and single crochets paired with the soothing British voice narrating the story made me doze off mid-row.


This is what I have:



(Okay, I have three and a half rows to go.)

I’ll catch up, although, I’m getting a little nervous since it’s Friday and I haven’t even started the current week’s work. Cross your fingers, I catch up before part six (the final part) is released on Tuesday.

As for Maggie’s socks, I mentioned in my last post I ripped back to the row in which I need to start increasing for the gusset.


Yeah, I’m still there. Although, if I just pick up this project, I’m sure the sock will just fly off the needs. I was making such quick work of it before I realized I had made a mistake, so I have no doubt, once I have the time to focus on it, it won’t take long to finish.

BUT all of that will have to wait because my house is a wreck, and I have a friend coming over tonight to watch the kids so that John and I can go to the final football game of the season. Hooray for a night out!

Also, John’s heading to a UGA game tomorrow and requested cookies to share with his friends at tailgating. So, I have that to do, too. I’m making Snickerdoodles and possibly chocolate chip cookies. (I’m going to set some aside for my wonderful friend as a thank you for babysitting. That’s an appropriate payment, right? Cookies?)

That’s all I have! I’m sorry there’s not more, but, like I said, busy week. I don’t even want to mention all the things I told myself (and other people) I’d get done, but have yet to start. Ugh. Catch up catch up catch up.

Until next time!


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