We’re ALL Mad Here…


So, this is supposed to be a progress post on the current projects I’ve been working on, but there’s been another project that’s been sucking up a lot of my time…


Maggie’s costume.

This year she wanted to be the Mad Hatter from the live action Disney movies, and, while I was reluctant (mostly because she came up with the idea herself and, yet again, reminds me she’s growing up and has a mind of her own), once I finally started working on the costume (the day before Halloween) I enjoyed it a lot. (Technically, I started it a few days earlier, since gathering materials and mentally planning is, of course, part of costume making.)

So, here’s a quick rundown of how I transformed Mags into the Mad Hatter:

1.) I found clothes as similar at the thrift store that closely resembled M.H.’s outfit.

Pinstripe pants, velvet blazer w/berry motif, white button-up shirt, and candy heart scarf

So, I pretty much lucked out and found everything I needed in close enough sizing at Goodwill. I actually can’t believe how easy this part was. I made a few small changes. For example, the scarf M.H. wears has donuts and pastries on it. When I saw the candy heart scarf I thought that was actually keeping very much with the spirit of Alice in Wonderland, since it was words on food. Also, the blazer is covered in berries and brambles, and I thought that, too, followed the theme well. Overall, I was VERY happy with what I could find, but, just a head’s up, with all the pieces, I ended up spending more than if I would’ve bought a costume from Target. That is OK by me, though. This wasn’t a last minute, cut-some-holes-in-a-sheet-and-call-it-a-ghost. Although…old school ghost costume wouldn’t be without some nostalgic charm…

(In addition to purchasing the above, I bought some face make-up, some remnant upholstery fabric, ribbon and a pack of wooden spools. Those while be used later.)

Step Two!:

Next, I made the hat. This took several hours, and I improvised most of it, but I loved the result.

For the hat, I winged it a little on the measurements, mainly because I forgot to measure Maggie’s head and she was at school while I was making it. Instead, I measured a baseball cap she usually wears and went off that. (Of course, the hat ended up being too big for my head and hers, but fit atop her baseball cap nicely. So, she ended up wearing the cap backwards with the top hat on top. Couldn’t see the cap, and everything turned out fine.)

I started to write out a long and lengthy tutorial on how I put the hat together, but realized I don’t have pictures of every step, and, I’m terrible at writing tutorials. I’m more of a visual learner (I scanned the interwebs for tutorials and then tried to recreate what I saw), so, if you, too, are a visual learner, please enjoy the photos above. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to know how I made, comment or shoot me an email and I will try to explain it as best as I can. 🙂

Third part of the costume…

…The Bandolier. In the live action movie, the Mad Hatter wears a bandolier of thread spools. By the time I got to this part of the costume, Maggie was home, and between the two of us, we made short work of this. And, it was FUN. Plus, YARN. This was a great project to use up some leftover yarn from other projects. How we did it was a dot of hot glue to secure the yarn on one side of the spool, wrapped the spool with the yarn, than added a dot on the opposite end. After the glue cool, we snipped the end, et voila. In the photos, I show a single length of yarn threaded in and out of the spools, but at the last minute I ended up having to secure it with another length of yarn after the original yarn snapped under the weight of the spools. So, if you recreate this, I suggest you double up! I also used ribbon to complete the bandolier. (The spools are only on the front. Ribbon completes the sash in the back.)

(Side note: These spools were so cute while we were making them, we’ve decided we’re going to take the bandolier apart and turn them into Christmas ornaments by adding buttons and a ribbon. When I do this, I’ll share that project and do a proper tutorial.)

As for the rest of the costume, those pinstriped pants were cut off at the shin, we added a striped socks, and for the fingerless gloves, we took an old pair of star studded socks and cut a hole in the heel for the thumb, and cut the toes off for the rest of the fingers.

Oh, and Marcy was Elsa.


I didn’t make her costume. Maybe next year…

So, that was our Halloween! The two older boys sat this year out, although, Aaron says he might dress up next year.

I haven’t made as much progress on the Spicier Life CAL (I’m still on part four and part five was released yesterday), and while I did make progress on Maggie’s socks, I had to rip the sock I was working on back an inch because I wasn’t paying attention to the length and overshot the row I was supposed to start the gusset. We’re back on track, though!

I will post progress pictures tomorrow. I plan on catching up on the blanket (at least, finish up part four) and share whatever progress I make on the sock.

Happy first day of November!!


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