I’ll Take ALL the Yarn, Please.

Maybe it’s the chill in the air, but I’ve been on a yarn binge lately. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore yarn without a specific project in mind for it, but…eh. Whenever I tell myself, “don’t buy it! You don’t need it!”, another voice answers, “you’re not the boss of me!” So, I bought yarn over the past week. Twice. (Take that, Responsible Inner Voice!)

Before I get to acquisitions, let’s talk projects. I have two main things I worked on over the past week. I completed part three of the Spicier Life Blanket CAL. Part four was released yesterday, but I haven’t started it, yet.

Also, as promised, I started the Picot Socks. Then, I made two mistakes, one little and one big, so I had to frog it back to the beginning, which is fine because it meant more practice on the magic cast-on, which, by the way, is the easiest thing ever! Toe-up socks have always intimidated me. I tried to make toe-ups once a loooong time ago. I didn’t make it past the cast-on. I believe it was a figure eight cast-on, but beyond that, I can’t remember anything else about that project.

But, back to these socks, the cast-on was great, and the first mistake I made was minor, so I was going to just soldier on because who would notice a teensy mistake near the toe of my sock? Then, I made a big mistake. Actually, the mistake was already made hours before when I wound the yarn into a ball. For some reason, there was a break in the yarn near the beginning of the ball. Since I had been using the magic knot in my Spicier Life Blanket, I thought, eh, no biggie. I’ll just magic knot this baby and keep going. Brilliant, right? You’re probably smarter than I am and figured out why this was a terrible idea. As I was knitting the yarn, I came across the knot I made, which ended up being the sole of the sock. Think about that for a moment. A pebble-y, hard knot under the ball of your foot.

So, my advice to anyone who will listen, do not magic knot yarn you plan on knitting socks with, unless you can be sure it will end up hidden in your cuff.

I didn’t have to frog the whole socks to fix the knot, but, by that point, the socks had two strikes against it, and my policy is two strikes–you’re out. (I know that’s not how the saying goes, but three mistakes in one sock would drive me nuts.)

So, after having started over, this is where I am with the socks:


This is an incredibly hard color way to photograph. The yarn IS vivid, but this is “burn your retinas” bright.

So, those are the things I’m working on. Now, on to the YARN I bought.

My first acquisition (fancy talk for fancy yarn) is from Traveling Yarn, and the color way is the main reason I bought this hank: Roller Derby Queen. I made a teensy mistake of buying the luxury yarn (I failed to notice there was a drop down that let you choose between a few different fiber bases), but no biggie. Totally worth it. I bought the Cashmere Sock yarn, which is 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% nylon. It’s beautiful, and I love its kickass name. I highly recommend Traveling Yarn. It was quickly processed and shipped, and a single-serving pouch of jasmine tea and several plastic stitch markers (one shown in the first picture) accompanied my order. I will definitely order from them, again!

I also checked out the new yarn store in my area. I believe the store owner said they’ve been open for 8 weeks now, but it was only last week that I found out about them, and that was because one of my Facebook friends either checked in or liked something on the business’s Facebook page. The store is called Knit, Yarn and Fiber Studio, and I hope this business thrives. If today is any indication of how busy they usually are, I’d say they have nothing to worry about. (I say this with limited knowledge about business.)

Anyhow, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’ve been trying not to buy yarn without a plan for it, so, while standing in the store, I pulled out my phone and visited Ravelry. Problem solved. I picked out a sweater I want to make for Maggie, then I picked out some luscious merino Malabrigo yarn…

The colorful one is called “Candombe,” but it should be called “Starry Night” because the colors look like they were pulled from van Gogh’s painting.

What do I plan on making with this pretty yarn? Jasseron sweater from Knitty.

In non-crafting news, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday this weekend. She turned 10, and that makes three kids I’ve guided through their first decade of life!


She wants to be The Mad Hatter for halloween this year, and while I haven’t started her costume, I have confidence we’ll make it awesome. This was from last year:

We were very proud of ourselves last year. It was a makeup job worthy of The Walking Dead, in my totally unbiased opinion. I’d love to claim full responsibility for it’s awesomeness, but Maggie was the one who found the idea of uses Elmer’s glue and paper towels to make the skin tears on her face and knee. My artistry, though. I even made a large batch of homemade “blood.” As gruesomely cool as the costume looked, Maggie was absolutely miserable by the end of the night, since my corn syrup blood was pulling at the baby hairs on the back of her neck, and squishing between her toes. Man, it was cool looking, though!

This year’s costume will not be as…messy. She wants to look like the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter, so it’ll be very stylish. I’ll post pictures.

That’s all I have for today. My goals for next week? Part four of the CAL finished and at least one sock OFF the needles and a new one on. Oh, and halloween pictures.



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