Progress, People! I’ve Made Progress!

I’ve been busy. And, I’ve had a chance to relax. Most importantly, I’ve had time to finish not one, but TWO projects, freeing myself up to start new stuff.

First, A Spicier Life Blanket CAL update. Part three has been released today, but I’ve only given it a quick glance to see what stitches are in the next rows. I’m right on track and plan on starting part three a little later today. Here’s my progress so far:


George (my youngest and largest cat), was very into the blanket while I was working on it.


As for finished projects, I have Manon:

When I finished the sleeves, I thought the torso looked a little short, and you know what? I forgot to add the garter stitch edge at the bottom. No worries, though. I picked out the woven-in tail, undid the bind off, and added in the last few rows. So much easier than what I was going to do: pick up stitches and knit. Luckily, I looked up how to make sweaters longer and the advice I found was if the sweater is knit top down, you can just undo the bottom and continue on. I’m not as swift as I’d like to think I am, and this option never occurred to me. This is why Google is my most trusted advisor.

Yesterday I finished the Hotel of Bees Shawl. I love love love it!


I think I’m going to make another one using the suggested color way. Eventually…

For now (besides working on the Spicier Life Blanket) I think I’m going to cast on a pair of socks. Using this…


For Maggie, I think. The pattern I plan on making is the Picot Socks, as seen on the first episode of The Knit Show.

In other news, Aaron’s high school band won Grand Champion at the Georgia Contest of Champions band competition. Those kids have been working so hard, and I may be a little biased (naaaawww, me?) but they put on an excellent show. Last night they participated in the county band exhibition. I wasn’t at the competition, but I did make it to the exhibition. At the end of the show I tracked him down and snagged a photo of Aaron in full uniform:


He looks like a little toy soldier. 🙂

Below are photos from the competition on Saturday (Top pic, Aaron is far right. Bottom pic, far right in the last row):


I’m insanely proud of him and have been talking so much about him on social media, I starting to annoy myself. Eh, whatevs! He’s awesome. 🙂

That’s all I have for today! Hopefully, on my next post I’ll have part three of the Spicier Life Blanket complete, and a pair of socks on my needles!


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