Goodbye, Summer!

It’s September. I could pretend the kids just went back to school, but, I’d be lying. They went back the first week of August. Also, all the photos I’m about to share are from July. So, yeah. I haven’t posted anything (other than one book review) since July. I’m sorry. I’ve just been really. stinkin’. busy. (As I write this, my eyes are puffy and tired and I feel like the last time I truly slept was sometime late July.)

So, mid-July, my family took a trip. This was a week long “Tour of the East Coast” trip. Well, not really. It felt like we were touring the East Coast, but we only stopped a few places. I think I was so exhausted after this trip, I blocked it from memory. That’s not right, I had a really great time and saw lots of family, so, no, I didn’t block it. But, I felt I needed some recovery time before I uploaded the photos to my computer and shared. Then, I got busy and forgot…

Submitted for your approval, What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Part 2 (Because Part 1, if you remember, took place at Amelia Island in Florida, and I did share that):


Uncle Tim photobombing the kids.


The kids and their cousins. The newest one is in Aaron’s arms. 

First, was a stop to see Grandpa Bob and Grandma Anne (and Uncle Tim and Aunt Danielle and Aunt Megan and Uncle Travis and all three cousins) in N.C.! While there, we got to visit Uncle Travis at work, which would be boring if he were an accountant or something like that, but, luckily, he’s a fireman. 🙂 The kids got a personal tour of the station.


After we left North Carolina, we headed north to see Grandma Joanne, but it’s a long trip to Upstate New York, so we stopped in Virginia. While there, as a fun treat, we drove through the Virginia Safari Park, which was AWESOME! I took way too many photos, so, here’s just a few highlights. As much fun as this little side trip was, Maggie woke up the next morning with an upset stomach…and vomited the entire rest of the drive up to Grandma’s. All 8 hours. It’s okay. It’s cool. We survived.

Next up…

Sean loves his grandma!


…Grandma’s house! Grandma put up a tire swing for Maggie, and the kids loved it. We also stopped by Aunt Cheryl’s house to greet the horses! (Maggie’s favorite part of visiting family in NY.) That giant black animal is a dog, and his name is Thor. He’s a sweetie, but HUGE. One “kiss” to Marcy’s face covered it entirely in doggy slobber. And, knocked her over. I love a big dog!

Then, it was back home! We just had one full week left of summer vacation before we had to think about “back-to-school.” As I pointed out, that was over a month ago. Since then, it has been non-stop busyness. We’re adapting, though!

So, did you have a good summer? Are you as ready for fall as I am??


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