Little Morsels is Finished!

I finally finished the little morsels quilted table runner–and before The Fourth! Woo hoo! I might just go ahead and finish the Autumn Pinwheel table runner I started last year. And, maybe start a NEW sewing project! (I’ve been thinking of making a new apron….)

So, without further ado, the finished, slightly (okay, more than slightly) imperfect Little Morsels Table Runner:


I finished it yesterday, threw it in the washer around dinner time, and pulled it out of the dryer right before bed. Placed it lovingly on my dining room table. This morning when I grabbed my camera to take pictures I noticed it already has cat hair on it. A lot of cat hair. As if one (or all) of the cats slept on it last night.

I somehow made a cat bed for the dining room table. :/ An open invitation for the animals to sleep on the surface I eat on. How kind of me…

I will have to make it a little less inviting, I guess, if I’m going to keep it out on the table.

The other thing I’ve been working on is my granny square blanket. It’s coming along nicely. 🙂 The last row I did took an hour, or, in Netflix time, two “Fuller House” episodes. (Yes, it’s a cheesy show, but, heaven help me, it makes me laugh out loud.) I can’t wait until the blanket it done because THIS ONE IS MINE. I’ve made quite a few blankets over the years, and they are always for someone’s (or my) baby. I love making baby blankets, but it feels good to make something for myself. This blanket will be used for happy things, like, watching tv, or knitting, or reading, or, my favorite, napping on the couch. 😀

I see lots of snuggling in our future….

I haven’t picked up the cowl I’m working on in a few weeks, so, with Little Morsels finished, that will be the next thing I work on.

I also need to finish the socks I started…when was it? Last year?

The kids had kind of a boring week here, but that’s okay. After the craziness of June, I think everyone needed a break.

Maggie has belt testing tonight. I’m sure she’ll be leaving with that brand new yellow belt. 🙂

Tomorrow is July first! Summer is just whizzing by! My “Not a Bucket List” has only five of the forty activities checked off…I don’t think we’re going to finish it before August 4th….


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