It’s NOT a Bucket List! (And Baby Blanket Reveal)

So, summer, so far, is not going as planned. For one, I promised all four kids would be here at the end of the summer, and I already almost lost one!

Okay. That’s a bit dramatic.

Sean’s appendix ruptured last week. Apparently, those things just happen. Like, out of the blue, a part of you just decides to explode.

More dramatic!!

So, last Wednesday, we’re at the pool and everything is cool. Thursday, he’s feeling a little sick. I’m guessing. He really doesn’t communicate these things to me, and I have to relying on body language, appetite, and whatever words he decides to speak. (He has autism.) Friday, has trouble walking. Can’t get up from a sitting position without help. Tells me his “back hurts” while pointing to his stomach. I call his pediatrician’s office and they tell me to get that kid to an emergency room. We head to CHOA (Children’s Hospital of Atlanta), and after twelve or thirteen long hours in the ER (and several attempts at getting urine samples and CT scans), the doctor comes in and tells me his appendix is “perforated.” Oh. Well, that doesn’t sound that bad. She leaves the room and I quickly pull out my phone to Google what a perforation means. (At this point, I’m thinking of perforated paper. Probably because I’ve spent twelve hours in a tiny room with my sick kid and my brain has turned to pudding.)

Perforated appendix means…..Ruptured?!?!

So, emergency surgery, of course. Hospital stay, of course. IV antibiotics, of course.

We spent about three days in the hospital. It would’ve been longer, but that Sunday night Sean’s IV wiggled out just enough that it had to be completely taken out. The IV nurse tried TWICE to get a new line in Sean, and even with several of us holding him down, fat chance. At one point Sean, who loves to use colorful language when he’s really, really angry, exclaimed, “what the f*ck?” My thoughts, too, Sean. My thoughts, too.

Since the IV was a no-go, he had to be switched to oral antibiotics, and since the only reason to keep him in the hospital was the IV antibiotics, we were released the next day. I was so happy to be out of there, but going home didn’t mean he was magically better. Recovery has been slow. He’s still not eating in earnest, and yesterday was the first day since last Thursday that he played with his toys.

This whole time, I’m thinking about the clever thing I said to a few people, including you fine folks on this blog:

Some people call them summer bucket lists. I don’t because I don’t plan on us kicking the bucket at the end of the summer. (I’m starting the summer with four kids, and I’m going to end the summer with four kids. I hope.) So, I just call it the “Summer Fun!” list.

Even as I said it, the superstitious part of me (I try to deny exists) nagged, don’t say that! You just jinxed us! You are totally going to lose a kid!  That same voice chided me in the ER. I told you so.

BUT! (*knock on wood*) I did NOT lose a kid. Still four of them here. Hopefully, that’s the most of that type of excitement we see this summer!


Everything is fine and lovely, now, and I learned I have some really great neighbors and friends who fed my family while I “vacationed” at CHOA. (One of my friends even helped hold Sean down during the whole IV F-Bomb fiasco.)

You would think spending three days at the hospital would give me plenty of time to knit, right?

(Segue into crafty stuff…)

It did give me plenty of time to knit, but I didn’t. I just didn’t feel like it.

But, luckily, I’ve been withholding the pictures of the blanket I finished for my new nephew, so I DO have something to crafty to share!


The blanket turned out very cuddly.


ANNNND, I DID get that bias tape cut and ironed last week!!

It's ready to go on the table runner!
It’s ready to go on the table runner!


That’s all I have, for now. Hopefully, I’ll have a COMPLETED table runner to share next week. 😉 Gotta get this Summer Table Runner done before Summer is over!

Have a great weekend!



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