No Bias (tape)…Yet


The goal was to cut my bias tape to finish my patriotic “Little Morsels” table runner, but I didn’t get to it yesterday.  Instead, I got sucked into the black hole that is Shutterfly. Frustration is spending hours working on a photo book, then accidentally hitting “back” (easy to do on with a finger swipe on a laptop) and suddenly realize you never saved anything. Then, making that same mistake again a few hours later. I spent the entire day on one book.

Well, not the entire day. I did take the kids back to the pool. The mom I mentioned the other day was there again. This time I took a good look at her situation.

Now, almost immediately after writing my last blog post, I felt bad for making fun. I was trying to be clever, and, really, I came off a little mean, I think. Not my intention. I think I sometimes make fun of things that make me feel bad. I feel bad I can’t give my kids more than an hour at the pool. I’m not that fun mom that shows up with a cooler full of cokes, several inner tubes, and a bag full of snacks. I’m the mom who’s anxiously waiting for my one hour timer to go off so I can corral the kids back into the car and get back to the comfort of my home.

I have issues.

Anyhow, the mom I mentioned was back at the pool, yesterday, and I watched her. She had all the “cool mom” things I mentioned above (the cooler, the snacks, the floaties), and she had four boys, ages 10 or 11, with her. Her son and his friends, probably. She brought so many things into the pool area, it looked like she was going to spend the night.

At one point, she did walk over and dip her feet into the pool. Sat on the steps right next to Marcy and me. It would’ve been a great opportunity to make small talk. I suck at small talk, though, so I just gave a smile and said “hi,” then spent the rest of the time pretending she wasn’t sitting there.

I really wish I were more outgoing.

So, yeah, I feel bad for assuming she was an uninvolved mom, ignoring her kids at the pool.  I don’t why I jump to such conclusions. I’m sure it has to do with my own insecurities.

Although, I maintain, four hours is way too long to spend at the pool. (But, apparently, not too long to spend making a photo book on Shutterfly.)

Anyhow, I wanted to retract my former observations (and judgy opinions). I’m not a jerk. Well, at least, not most of the time.

Let Marcy’s cuteness cleanse this blog of any mean things I may have implied or said:




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