New Knitting Project and a Mailbox Surprise

Alright, not really a mailbox “surprise.” More like a mailbox “something you signed up for a month ago and forgot about it.”

One of my favorite blogs, Posie Gets Cozy, posted about being featured in this new magazine, Making. So, I followed the website to the magazine, thought, “sure, why not” and subscribed. Well, the first issue came yesterday and it it GORGEOUS. It’s more of a book than a magazine, in my opinion.

I guess what makes it a magazine is the few advertisements inside, but other than that, it is patterns patterns patterns. I’ve already decided I’m going to make most of the things in the magazine. I especially like this sweater:


Hmm…can I do it? Maybe. Will I try? Absolutely!

Speaking of knitting, I started a new project. The other day I felt like knitting. It’s summer, so I thought, maybe I should knit a light shawl for when we go to the beach. A light shawl. I’ll use some of that fancy pima cotton fingering weight I bought back before Marcy was born. Crap. I only have 260 yards of it. That won’t make a shawl…[heads to Ravelry to find something–ANYTHING–that will use 260 yards of fingering weight yarn]…a cowl? Okay. A cowl. I’ll knit a cowl and, knowing how flakey I can be about finishing things, it might be done by Fall. Maybe.

So, I went from “nice summer shawl” to a cowl for Fall. I blame The Stash. (And the compulsive yarn collecting that led to The Stash.) Look, if I’m going to just buy yarn willy-nilly, I should expect when I want to use it, it won’t be enough for anything. (Okay, I could’ve made socks, too, but socks? With this strong cotton? No thank you.) But, truthfully, I bought this yarn to make something for Marcy before she was born, and, I had bought four hanks in two different colors. I already used two hanks on a dress  shirt I made her waaaaaaay back when. So, I’m just left with the cream hanks. And they are much too nice to sit in a box with all the crappy yarn I used to impulse buy in my beginner years. And, I had an urge to knit. So, without further ado (or more words), Gris de Lin:


As you can see, I just started. I put a few more rows in since taking the picture. This is actually a very quick project.

Knitting wasn’t the only thing I did last week. Despite being the last week of school for the kids, and despite having lots to do, I found time to make some new stitch markers. Back in the day (2007-2010) I had an Etsy shop and sold things like stitch markers and art quilts. If you have the time and patience, you could probably swim back through this blog’s archives and find a mention or two of it. I enjoyed making and selling things of Etsy, but I had a hard time focusing on one thing, and my shop looked more like a rummage sale than a store with a clear vision. (You can check out my sold page and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about how random my “wares” were.) I loved making the stitch markers, though. And, the art quilts. And the paintings. And the. And the. And the….

I haven’t touched “Little Morsels” since last week. It’s on my to do list for today to cut and iron some bias to finish it. I WILL get to it. I hope. The kids want to go back to the pool today. I have somehow convinced them an hour at the pool is pretty standard. They don’t realize other people usually spend more time there. HA! I over heard a boy at the pool yesterday say to his friend’s mom (who the heck brings EXTRA kids to the pool???), “Miss [forgot her name], we have 3 hours and 23 minutes left until it’s time to go!” Holy shitzu! They were already there a half hour, so, (math math math, carry the one), she promised them FOUR HOURS??? FOUR HOURS AT THE POOL? THAT’S INSANITY! Luckily, my kids didn’t hear that. Maybe my problem is I actually have to spend that time at the pool IN the pool, having a two year old who doesn’t know how to swim, but wants to be in the water (but, only on the steps), and a 14 year old autistic son who loves the water, but has some boundary issues. Then, I have the other two, who don’t seem to need my full attention, but get it, anyway, because you never know. The pool is frickin’ exhausting!! I’ve noticed the moms who live at the pool never get wet. They’re like, “yeah, little Johnny, we have three hours left. Now, leave mommy alone. I’m reading Gone Girl.” I think some people might actually think the pool is relaxing. How crazy is that?? The only time I spend more than an hour at the pool is if I’m there with my friend moms. Because, misery loves company. Just kidding–it’s because I have someone to talk to. Do you know how lonely the pool is when your two fancy talking kids are on the other side of it, and you just have your autistic son and two year old to talk to? Yeah, they can say some pretty interesting things, but for an hour straight? Conversing with Sean is 99% reassuring him about something he’s looking forward to. (“Yes, Sean, we’ll go to the beach in a few weeks. No, Sean, you don’t have school tomorrow. No, Sean, school is out for the summer. Yes, Sean, we are going to go to the beach. No, Sean, not today.”)

Whoa. I digress.

Anyhow, maybe the pool today.  For an hour. Then, working on Little Morsels.

One last thing:


The gardenia bushes we planted two years ago finally have their first blooms! (It’s aliiiive!!!!) I thought these would never bloom. Okay, technically, just one of the two has flowers, but the other has buds! Lots of them! So, flowers should be opening any day now. Yay! Good things come to those who wait (two years)!




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