Summer Plans, and How Not to Quilt

First of all, let’s talk about this quilted table topper. Little Morsels. I only have one last thing to do before it’s finished, and that’s the binding. It is quilted and waiting. Whether it’s waiting for that binding or waiting to be put out of it’s misery–it can go either way.

It’s business in the front…


…drunken frat party in the back.

What happened here????

No, it’s the aftermath of a drunken frat party, where everyone is passed out on the floor, on the lawn, and in the bathroom. (I’ve never been to a frat party, but I’ve seen plenty of movies. That’s how the parties end, right?) It is so royally messed up on the back, it ain’t funny. Actually, it is funny, because when I pulled my work out of the sewing machine and flipped it over, the first thing I did was laugh. HA! Christina, you did it again! You’re all bunched up! Your table runner has a wedgie! 

Eh, I need more practice, apparently.

For a moment, I considered grabbing the seam ripper and pulling out the offending stitches. But, this is how it ended up, and this is how it will stay. It will be the yardstick I measure future work against. I will figure out what I did wrong, and, next time, I will do better.

I am resilient.

I also finished the blanket I was knitting. I love it, and I want to keep it (I may have cuddled with it a bit towards the end, when it was long enough to drape over my legs as I knit), but it will be mailed off later today for my new nephew. I feel bad it’s taken this long for me to complete it. I wanted to send his parents a blanket before he was born, but almost two months after? That’s just as good, right?

Anyhow, I took lots of photos of it, and I’ll post them next week, after I’m sure they’ve received their package. 🙂

Today is the last day of school for the kids. This past week has been crazy. (Hm, have I said that before? I don’t think I’ve ever said that before.) I’m happy it’s over. I’m sure I’ll be crying in my corn flakes in about a week or two, as I adjust to not having the structure their school days give. I hope not, though. I don’t like that feeling.

Last year, to combat the Summer Blues, I wrote out a list of things to do. Some people call them summer bucket lists. I don’t because I don’t plan on us kicking the bucket at the end of the summer. (I’m starting the summer with four kids, and I’m going to end the summer with four kids. I hope.) So, I just call it the “Summer Fun!” list.

I know, I know. I sound like one of those moms that breaks her back to make sure every moment of her child’s life is precious and special.  Yeah. That’s not me. Or, at least, it wasn’t. (Side question, why are some of us so opposed to going overboard when our kids are young? I include myself in this, because I have totally judged others for doing cornball things. Is it because we are afraid of spoiling our kids? Or, is it because we don’t want others to judge us?) I have my moments when I might do something you’ll roll your eyes at on Facebook. But, for each of those moments of corniness, there’s plenty of boredom and inactivity. Facebook really is just a highlight reel of our best moments. (Unless you are an Eeyore and you only post about the things that suck. Don’t be an Eeyore.)

My list is simple, for the most part. It’s filled with dumb stuff I plan on doing anyway. What makes it special is–and, seriously, this is the only magic going on here–IT IS ON A LIST. Put things in list form, slap a title on it, and it looks like you are super-fun-and-insanely-involved-i-love-my-kids-mom. (#blessed) If it’s a list ON PAPER it is official. It is tangible. It is law.

My list is easy things. And my kids think it’s awesome. One item on the list: go to the mall and eat a soft pretzel. Um, how easy is that?? And, it ends with a soft pretzel, which I am definitely going to dip in some delicious cheese sauce.

Another thing on my list: Make root beer floats.

Do you know how easy that is? It’s just ice cream and root beer in a glass. But, checking it off the magical “Summer Fun!” list? I just elevated it. It’s special, now.

Other things on the list:

  • work on a puzzle
  • go to the pool
  • set off fireworks
  • water gun fight

All, very easy things. I also mix in a few bigger things, like “go on road trip” or “go to the zoo.” I’m not sure these things will get done, but I’ll try (it’s on the list, right??), and my kids won’t be disappointed if we don’t get to everything.

And, I keep saying how much the kids like the list, but, honestly, it’s just as much for me as it is for them. It gives me things to look forward to, and it is a visual reminder that I AM doing things, even if it feels like every day is the same as the last. During the school year, I’m so busy the weeks fly by. During the summer, time seems to stand still. Not that that’s a bad thing. Especially as the kids get older, I want time to slow down. But, I want to feel like I’m accomplishing something. Sitting around all day, doing nothing, drives me crazy. Probably literally. I get snappy and anxious, and I start getting nutso ideas.

I’d rather inspire eye rolls from my “friends” than endure the downward spiral summer can bring on.

So, that my tip for you. Take a half hour and write (or type) out a list of fun things to do over the summer, and, regardless of how simple or hard those things are, the kids will think they are having the best summer ever. And, mom the way YOU want to mom. If that means tooth fairy sparkles on your kid’s pillow, do it. If it means tossing your kid a buck the next morning and saying, “uh, tooth fairy left this under my pillow by accident. Here you go…” more power to you! I’ve learned, it really doesn’t matter what you do–your kids will remember what they remember. Everything IS magical when you are a kid. These “making memories” moments are more for the mom than it is for the kids. If you don’t believe that, you are in deep denial. I don’t say that in a mean, condescending way. I say it because it is true. As long as you love your kids (and show them you love them) they will have a great childhood. That is good news! It lets you off the hook OR it gives you the freedom to be the super-psycho-make-it-awesome mom you want to be. It’s your choice. I won’t judge you for it. Anymore. 😉

This is what she’s going to remember. The lizards. You know, the important stuff.





2 thoughts on “Summer Plans, and How Not to Quilt

  1. Ha ha ha, you mean you don’t share “this morning my kid watched copious amounts of television” on your Facebook?!
    Love the list idea and your other sentiments – I agree wholeheartedly 🙂

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