Little Morsels Table Runner

Brain:  I know you’re busy with the end of school, and you have project you’re already working on, buuuut…spur of the moment idea, here…let’s make a table runner!

Me: Okay!

Because, I don’t have enough going on, I decided to start another table runner. (Yep. I still haven’t finished the Autumn one, but I’m sure it’ll be done before the leaves start falling…)

Fons & Porter put out a video tutorial for a Little Morsels table runner, and I thought, “that looks pretty simple.” Ah. Yeah.

I gathered some summertime/patriotic colored fabrics, cut my squares, and got to work. With very little planning, apparently, since I’m out of my background fabric and haven’t finished piecing the top. (And, no, I didn’t cut all my pieces at once. That would make things too easy. Where’s the fun in that?) I have odd bits, and was thinking of sewing those odd bits together to make larger bits, but, it already looks a lot like Frankenstein’s monster…

Man, it’s hard to be precise!

Everything was measured and lined up, but sadly, things started to look a little off. The only thing I can think of is some of the fabric shrunk (or stretched) while pressing my seams. I tried to amend the situation as best as I could, but I can still see the imperfections, and it’s driving me crazy. Hopefully, once I start quilting the top, the slightly different sized squares will be less noticeable.

And, hopefully, I can match up the background fabric.

And, hopefully, I can finish this runner for this summer.

I’m sure it’ll all look fine in the end. Hopefully.

I’m almost done with the blanket I’ve been knitting. One more stripe to go, so, one, maybe two knitting sessions before it’s complete.

Reading-wise, I’m still on Game of Thrones. I think I’ve been reading it for two weeks now? I’m not sure. I’m enjoying it, but, man, it’s long! Also, my memory, which is usually terrible, actually remembers everything that happens in the first season of the HBO show, so reading the book is not as exciting. On the plus side, I have don’t have to use my imagination to know what the characters look like. HA!

Happy Wednesday!



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