What I Did on My Spring Break…



Spring! Finally! I’ve noticed whenever we have a mild winter, it hangs around, and hangs around, and hangs around. My weather app tells me the cold days are over, though, so, hooray! (And, in a few months, I’ll be looking forward to the cooler weather. You can’t please me. I know. It’s annoying.)

The kids had Spring Break, and, instead of going on vacation like the rest of my neighborhood, we stayed home. (Well, that’s not entirely true–we spent two days visiting my family to witness my niece and nephew get baptized. That hardly counts as getting away, though.) Back at home, I engaged my kids in such archaic activities, like playing Rummy and, my favorite, putting together puzzles. We did two. The first one was a beautiful Charles Wysocki cat-themed puzzle. Of course, we get to the end and it’s missing a single piece. Oh well. I still put it up on the wall. (Can you see which piece is missing?) We did another puzzle (another Charles Wysocki) that’s awaiting a frame. It’s haphazardly resting on my craft table, so I only took a close up of the train featured in the puzzle. (Here’s a tip:  doing puzzles on top of a poster board makes it easy to move the puzzle when not working on it. I know they make puzzle mats, but the one time I bought one, it had creases in it from being folded, and a flat surface really is needed when putting together a puzzle. Plus, poster board is way cheaper.)


Other things going on here…

Because I’m terrible at keeping track of things, one of my nephews was born (all the sudden, it seems) and I have nothing handmade to give. So, I’m working on a baby blanket. I decided to use super bulky yarn to make the project go quickly, but I’m not sure how happy I am with it. I’m using the Second Baby pattern, which, coincidentally, this is my brother-in-law’s second baby. The blanket just doesn’t say “baby” to me, but I’m going to continue with it. It IS knitting up very quickly, when I find the time to sit down and work on it. DSCN2241

I also picked up a cross stitch I started months and months and months ago.

It’s Mater from Cars. Can you tell?

And, I’ve done a drawing.

Fancy cats. Cats cats cats.

And, Marcy is adorable when she’s sleeping, but a monster when she’s awake.


Peppa Pig is big in this house right now.

After all that hullabaloo about cleaning out the craft room to work in…I haven’t worked in it. Can you believe that? And, my desk is a mess again, but not because I’ve been working at it, but because I’ve been using it as an area to put things while I look for other things.  I don’t know what it is, but I feel more comfortable sitting at the dining room table (where I’m sitting right now) than sitting at my desk. I know. There are plenty of people out there that would kill for their own space to create, and here I am, sitting at a dining room table when I have a perfectly good office/craft room. Sigh.

Until next time!



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