An Organized Workspace

It’s still a work in progress. I would like to tidy up the walls and I feel like I still have too much “stuff,” but, for now, it’s pretty much done! This project took quite a while because I had a few side projects that needed to be done, like purging my YEARS of paperwork (much of which I never needed to hold on to in the first place) and organizing into a single accordion file. I also tackled the massive photo bin. I consolidated most of the photos into a single album, tossing blurry, duplicate, or irrelevant photos along the way. (You know, how you sometimes take pictures of things because you’re trigger happy, but, back in the day, you didn’t have a “delete” function on your 35mm camera, so, instead, you got hardcopies of those things that really weren’t all that important in hindsight? You know?) And, somehow, I ended up with a bunch of my childhood family polaroids which were in my parents’ house when it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I’ve had these photos for a while, and when I got them, they were covered in mud and muck, and stayed that way all these years…until now. I decided it was time my parents got their photos back, and decided to try to clean them. I figured, they’re already “ruined,” so, what’s the harm? I’m glad I did, because I ended up salvaging all of them. Before giving them back, I scanned them. Later this week (or next) I’ll post about that.

Back to the craft room/office, though….

So, below, are a bunch of before and after photos. For some reason, it doesn’t look like much of a change to me, which is why I think I feel like there are still things I could let go of. When I walk into the room, though, it feels so much better. So roomy and clean!

So, above, you can see I got rid of the cubby thing and moved my workspace into its spot. I didn’t get rid of the blue, metal grid. This actually led to another side project. Soon after starting this room organization, I stopped and worked on the adjacent room, which was just a crap-catching eyesore. I cleared everything out of it, took the blue shelf and the rug that was in the living room, and turned it into a play room for Marcy. I didn’t take any before or after photos of it because it was truly a spontaneous “look-a-squirrel” attention wandering moment.

So, here, you see, is my desk. Before, a mess, now nice and neat. I moved my Vegas vacation photos and a picture of my husband to the wall. Sean’s photos (the leprechaun and the cowboy) were already there, and will probably move. Like I said, I’m not done with the walls.

And, my supply shelves. I organized everything into labeled bins, and purged whatever supplies were impulse buys. Well, some of them. I find it very hard to get rid of supplies because I keep getting caught up with, “I still might use this.” Somethings, like the stuffed animal safety-eyes, I gave away.

The biggest change would be this wall and shelf. Although, I will point out I’m still hanging on to an insane amount of sewing/quilting/knitting/crocheting magazines. I even have several issues of  Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion, which is no longer in print. I have no use for them, anymore, and, yet, I keep them! (Side note: if anyone would like to take these off my hands, I might be obliged to part with them.)


Here’s a close up (above) of my workspace.


I kept my all my knick-knacks. I love each one of these things.


So, that’s it! Hopefully, it stays neat. Since cleaning everything up, I haven’t actually used the room. It makes me wonder if it was the clutter preventing me from making things…

The next area on my list of things to organize is the laundry room. Well, it’s not exactly a room, but a cramped closet in my upstairs hallway. It’s not a glamorous project, but something I need to do.

Spring cleaning!


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