It’s Not an Excuse…

Well, yeah, it is. I haven’t been updating because my computer went kaput a few weeks ago, and blogging on the kids’ computer is not easy–especially when they are home. Good news, though, my computer has been replaced and I am back! 🙂

What have I been doing while I was away? Reading. Lots of reading.

Also, I had jury duty. I didn’t get chosen to sit on the jury, but I did get to experience jury selection. 🙂 There is nothing quite like being asked personal questions in a room full of strangers.

I’ve done zilch with my sewing machine and fabric, and the only yarn I’ve touched in the last few weeks is the sock weight. My plain Jane socks are knitting up so slow, but that’s mostly because I haven’t been knitting them. I finally turned the heel…on the first sock. Progress!

What I have been doing is drawing and using my copic markers. Nothing earth-shattering.


See? Not that great, but, man, did it feel great! My brain gets all soft and happy when I’m drawing these silly little things. Then, coloring it in? That’s the stuff.

I have fallen in love with Copic markers. I bought five more to go with the original ten my husband bought me for Christmas. It’s not enough, though. I need more colors. MORE!!

So, in summary, I’ve been gone. Computer was broken. Now it’s replaced. I’m back. 🙂


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