It Catches Up…


Everything has finally caught up to me–the holidays, the lack of sleep, the everything. I was so happy to be back home (despite loving my extended family) because it meant time with my yarn, time with my fabric, and time with my brand-spanking-new Copic markers. But then, everything caught up to me, as did a pesky immune disease I’ve been trying to hold off for months now. (Not so much pesky as life-halting.) I have Psoriatic Arthritis (or, so we are calling it, now, although it used to be called “maybe it’s rheumatoid arthritis?”) and my previous medication was no longer as effective, so I switched to a new medication–not an injection!!–that proved to be…COMPLETELY ineffective. So, the holiday rush ended with a major flare up of pain and swelling in my knee, and knocked me out for the last few days. That’s the most I’m going to complain, though, because I was put back on my old medicine (which was working, if not as thoroughly as I would like) and will be starting a new new new biologic injectable I’ve heard great things about, soon.  (Truth be told, the only reason I tried that other medicine–the one that didn’t help at all–was because it was a pill, and after years of injecting myself, I was a little tired of the shots. Unfortunately, looks like it is SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS for me for the foreseeable future. And not the fun kind that ends in a hangover.)

So, feeling better today, and, good for me, I’m still maintaining my goals for this year, since it is Friday, and I am here, posting to my blog.

So, before being waylaid, I snapped a pic of Aaron looking dashing in his new Tire Tread scarf. (Also, I made the hat, but that was last year.) Over our trip to New York, like promised, I worked diligently on those hex-a-grannies. Sorry to say, though, I haven’t touched them since getting back, other than to take a photo.

have picked up my new fancy-schmancy markers, though. Today. Mostly just playing around. Seeing what these puppies can do.

And, before I got too immobile, I said so long to the Christmas tree. See you next year. It was okay while it lasted. (Seriously, my tree was looking rough at the end, between the cats and the toddler.)

I also read one book last weekend. It took just a few hours. The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. It’s a kid book, but, I swear, I cried through the entire thing. Although, that could’ve been the spiraling depression that accompanies autoimmune disease. (Damn. I’m still complaining, aren’t I?) Trust me, you want to read this book. It’s good. Really good.

I’m currently reading Fates and Furies by Laura Groff. It’s…interesting. I’m not sure how I feel about it, yet.

And, next week my book club is meeting! We are discussing After You by Jojo Moyes. After we meet, I’ll post how it went. I already have some advanced reactions, and they are mixed. Just like I like it. A book club meeting in which everyone agrees about the book is just not fun. Like in any good book, a good discussion needs at least a little conflict. 😉

Happy trails!


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