Brand New Year

*Seriously? A bonus post?!*

So, it’s a Brand New Year, and how do we commemorate the passage of time? By looking forward and setting goals, or resolutions.

Personally, I prefer to set goals over “resolving” to do anything. I know me, and I love to defy myself, like a two year old who just learned she doesn’t actually have to do anything her parents say. (“Oh, you say I need to stay away from sweets? Well, here’s a dozen glazed donuts and grande mocha. Ima eat it. You can’t tell me what to do!”)

Besides, resolutions are so twentieth century.

Last year I set up some unofficial* goals for myself (*as in, I may or may not have written them down, I don’t remember), and, as a whole, I think I did pretty good throughout the year.

Here are my goals  for THIS year (which ARE written down…since I’m writing them down right this second…):

Crafting Goals:

  • Finish (or Toss) outstanding WIPs (Toss?? Isn’t that extreme? Perhaps. But, I think outstanding WIPs my be up there with unnecessary clutter. Am I really going to finish the Super Mario toss pillow I was making for Aaron? Probably not. Is it creating a creative block by taunting me with it’s incomplete-ness? Probably so.)
  • Reduce fabric and yarn stash through stash-busting projects
  • Only buy enough yarn or fabric to complete specific projects, i.e., no more impulsive “maybe I’ll use this” buys at the craft store
  • Start drawing and painting more, producing at least one drawing (with my fancy new Copic markers Santa brought me) a week, and one painting a month

I considered making “I will craft this many of that” goals, but I felt it was too restrictive. Instead, I just want to craft until I’m sane. Is that too much to ask for? Sanity? I don’t think so. Pretty colors. Just look at the pretty colors. All will be okay….

Reading goals:

  • Complete GoodReads challenge of 48 books in 2016
  • I want to break that down into what to read each month:
    • 1 fiction
    • 1 nonfiction
    • 1 classic
    • 1 freebie, anything goes book
  • Read more books to Marcy, as well as read whatever the older kids are reading

Every year I do the same thing. I set my GoodReads goal and speed through books at a break-neck pace. Until about May. Then, I stop reading for a few months. Around November, I look at my GoodReads challenge and see I’m suddenly three books behind, when, last I checked in May, I was five books ahead. Then, I spend November and December cramming books like a procrastinating college kid who didn’t start studying until two days before the final exam. Because, you know, November and December are such slow, boring months in which I have ALL the time in the world for leisurely activities like reading. Then, on the last day of the year, I spend my day reading, just squeaking by with the last book, less than two hours before The Ball drops. (That may have happened last night…) Or, worse, missing my goal by just two measly books, like in 2014. Well, I say “no more! Not this year!”

Blog goals:

  • Blog at least once (better, twice) a week
  • Carry my camera with me more often and take more photos

Blogging goals…I know I didn’t have any of those last year. There is nothing worse than visiting your blog after a several month hiatus, and sheepishly apologizing for falling off the face of the Earth. You may not realize it, but I’ve been blogging for a long time. A LONG time. (No, really. Check my archives.)  The problem is, life gets busy and I disappear for months, sometimes years, at time. And, people don’t like inconsistency. If I visit a blog, and the last post was from two months ago, it doesn’t matter how awesome the photos are, or how clever the writing is, I’m not coming back. Because, clearly, this person doesn’t have her poop in a pile. I want to know there will be new content every few days. I want to know I can count on you.

I really enjoy blogging, so it makes no sense I keep taking these extended breaks. I resolve (I mean, I’m setting a goal) to continue blogging as long as I have something to say, or something to share.  And, I’ll try to be better. Better photos. Better projects. Better insight.

Other goals:

I also have many personal goals I won’t bore you with, like, continuing to organize, drink more water, etc. You’re not interested in that, right? Seriously, just run of the mill stuff.

But…I am reluctant to mention it, lest I fail, but I would like to write more. My dream has always been to be a writer. Or an artist. (A writing artist?) I’ve lost touch with this dream over the years. It’s SO MUCH easier to kick back and admire what other artists and writers do. But…

But…I still wonder, “what if?” What if I actually tried? What if I practiced? Maybe I’ll find out this year.Maybe it’s a goal. Maybe.

What are your goals for this year?

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016, filled with love and contentment! (And, should you be so lucky, completed goals.) It’s a NEW YEAR! A fresh start! Make it wonderful!



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