I Break for Christmas


Whoa, last week was a blur! The week before Christmas break always is! I DID finish the diagonal striped scarf, which I’m now calling “Tire Tread,” but I haven’t gotten a picture of the final result. Next week! I’ll have the pictures (and very simple pattern) up next week!

I’ve also been working on my hexagon blanket, a project I plan on working on over the winter break.

Last Wednesday was Aaron’s winter band concert. He’s the kid on the end who looks like he’s giving instructions. 😉 They played beautifully. I wish I took band when I was in school. I am definitely living vicariously through him–like those crazy sports parents who say to their kids, “no, you can’t quit! You’re playing! I don’t care if you don’t like it!”  I don’t say that to him, though, because he loves band. If ever the day comes, though, I’m ready with my, “you’re going to do it and like it!” 🙂

That same day Sean’s autism class invited the parents in for a Jingle Bell Jam. It was NOISY! But very sweet. 🙂  I didn’t get any photos of that one. 😦 I did get a short video of them singing Jingles Bells. I won’t assault your ears with all the jingling. (There were A LOT of jingle bells, and, thank you, sweet teacher, she sent their homemade, bell-covered noise makers home. HA! )

It looks like a medieval torture device, because it is.

So, this is probably my only post this week. Time for family, and all of that jazz. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season–whatever holiday you will be celebrating–and I will see you in 2016!


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