Diagonal Striping



As I suspected, I was not able to find the chunky yarn I “tested” with for the scarf pattern the other day. No biggie. I just frogged the few rows I had and rolled it back into a ball. I have several different color balls of that yarn, so I’m just going to turn it into a multi-colored scarf at a later time. I ended up grabbing a few new skeins for Aaron’s Scarf, but kept with the gray color, since I want to match his hat (that, hopefully, still fits). I haven’t spent much time on the scarf, yet. The progress above is less than an hour of knitting. Instead, I’ve been reading Imagine by Jonah Lehrer, which is a pretty interesting read.

And, I’ve been baking. Maggie’s school has their teacher appreciation cookie feast on Friday, and I sent in two dozen snickerdoodles, which are, by far, my most requested cookie among friends and family. And, it’s not my recipe. It’s Mrs. Sigg’s Snickerdoodles, a recipe I found on Cookierecipe.com back before it became Allrecipe. (Remember that?When the websites were separated by type of recipe?) Anyhow, YEARS I’ve been making the same snickerdoodles, and it really fools people into thinking I’m great. I’m not. I’m just following a recipe. 😉 Anyhow, the recipe can be found here. Now you can impress and amaze your friends, too.

This weekend was also the Marce-monster’s second birthday. So, more baking. (I’ve been churning out baked goods like I’m running an Entenmann’s .) Her cake was just a white cake with raspberry jam filling and cream cheese frosting. I am NOT a cake decorator, so, don’t laugh. I wanted polka dots–a spur of the moment decision–and if I had the foresight to know this was going to be my plan, I would’ve picked up some fondant for the dots. (But not for the whole cake because fondant is yuck.) The cake tasted great, though.

My, how time flies!




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