Book Club: (December 2015) Luckiest Girl Alive

I’m not sure I’ve talked about it, before, but I am a part of (and run) a book club with a bunch of local friends. We’ve been meeting for over three years (it’ll be four in April), and we have read A LOT of books. Since there are other book clubs out there looking for books to read, I thought I’d start sharing our discussion picks, a few brief thoughts, and, if the internet doesn’t gift us with discussion questions, I’ll share my own for other book club moderators who (maybe) like to scramble at the last minute to find something (anything!) to help lead their discussions. (Some of you do that, too, right??)


This month’s book was Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.  The discussion we (sorta) used can be found on the publisher’s website. (I say “sorta” because we had a lot of trouble staying on task, as I felt the need to argue how bad the book was, and others {everyone else} argued it wasn’t.)

Our thoughts? Of the nine of us who read it, seven liked it, or, at the very least, thought it was okay. Two of us (me and another person) hated it.

Those that liked the book said it was entertaining, and an “interesting character study.” No one liked the main character, Ani, (or any of the other characters), but found the story compelling.

Those of us who didn’t like it (we, lonely two) hated the vacuous storyline, shallow characters, and ridiculous metaphors.

Would I suggest this book for your book club? Yes. Despite not liking it, I was definitely in the minority within my group. This book has received critical acclaim, being compared to Gone Girl, which, in my opinion, was a WAY better book. It has a 3.47/5 star rating, which is not great, but it’s bad, either. Luckiest Girl Alive didn’t lose my interest, and it did generate A LOT of discussion among my friends. If your book club hasn’t read Gone Girl, yet, I suggest reading that before this one, so you can compare. CAUTION:  If your book club is most comprised of little old ladies, teenagers, family members or very religious people, this might not be a good choice. There are some very  *ahem* adult things mentioned and going on in this book, so it is NOT for everyone. I wouldn’t want you and grandma discussing Ani’s unusual sexual proclivities…

Since it was December, we had a special “holiday” themed event. We did a Dirty Santa game, brought old, read books to swap, and went over the top with our meeting noshes.

Next month, we will be reading After You by Jojo Moyes.


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