Shell Stitch Scarf (and Some Other Stuff…)



As you can see, the shell stitch scarf, c’est fini! I love how it turned out, although, Maggie finds it a little bulky. She’ll appreciate it when the temps are below freezing, though.

Those hexagons up there should be a little familiar. They used to look like this:


I didn’t like how busy it looked, so I frogged the last two rows of each and decided on a cream color to tie everything together. Also, I decided I don’t particularly like the way “crochet-as-you-go” looks, so I’ll make all my hexagons and join them all at once.

And, as you can see, I started another scarf. This one is for Aaron. I have only one skein of this yarn, so, if I can’t find the same type and color at Joann’s (yes, it’s cheap-o yarn), I’ll have to buy something else. Really, I just wanted to try out the pattern I came up with. Not that it’s an original design. It’s just a staggering of knits and purls to make a diagonal stripe.

So, busy, busy in the craft department.

As for reading, I actually picked up (virtually on my kindle) and read a book during the last two days. If you like horror, I highly recommend A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay.


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