More Drawings and a Hard to Photograph Scarf

Just your typical “mouse riding bird” drawing.
“I like cats.”
Loki is a very willing model.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to capture the actual shade of blue.
This is *almost* the correct hue…


Over the weekend, I worked on a few more drawings, ditched the star stitch scarf and started a shell stitch CROCHET scarf. This is the third time I changed my mind about how to make Maggie’s new scarf. I love the star stitch knitted one I was making, but, 1.) I quickly realized I didn’t have enough yarn to finish it (or make it halfway through), 2.) don’t remember actually buying said yarn, so am positive I’ll never find it, or even what brand it is, 3.) The Marcy-monster got into my project bag and used my little pair of scissors to sever ties between the project and the small ball of yarn it was attached to and 4.) as much as I like the look of the pattern, I need a scarf for Maggie THIS winter, and the star stitch was taking SO LONG. Crochet is really the way to go when you are strapped for time.  So, enter the shell stitch scarf. Just a simple, staggered shell stitch.  I’m about 3/4 of the way through. I’m going to trim it with the little bit of white/multicolor-flecked yarn I have left.  It’ll be cute, but not TOO cute, because that would be an absolute disaster. (Maggie is going through a “nothing girly” phase. Or, is it a phase? I don’t know, but she suddenly has “opinions” and wants to “pick out her own stuff.” The nerve.)

We also did some work in the backyard, this weekend. I pulled up all the dead vegetable plants I gave up on mid-summer. I have realized I am NOT a gardener, and there is just no teaching me.  Eh, I have many other gifts. Can’t be good at everything. Unless you’re Martha Stewart, though. She can do anything.

The plant pictured above is a strawberry plant that survived, despite my complete lack of care, but never produced ANY strawberries. Apparently, these things are perennials, and I should put it in my garage, near a wall, so it will go dormant, but not die. I believe it’s called “winterizing?” “Overwintering?” I don’t know. Hopefully, I don’t screw it up.

Oh, and my prized banana plant is still alive, thankyouverymuch, and living in my dining room. It has not made bananas [sad face] but it seems to be happy. Being a tropical plant, I’m not sure it would survive a winter, so it’s going to chill (or, not chill) in my house until spring comes along. Maybe, someday, there will be fruit. For now, I’m just happy I haven’t killed it, yet.

John also dug up our very overgrown basil plant, put it in a container, and brought it inside. It is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, and he parked it right in front of our bay window where people can see it. It is so leggy and overgrown. It’s starting to curl at the top, where the flowers are budding and blooming, and while it does not have the same leaves, I swear it looks like marijuana when you see it from outside. So, I moved it. I told him it would get better sun from a window in the back of the house, but, seriously, it is just a really, really ugly plant.

Despite all the troubles I just mentioned, I’m considering burying a few daffodil bulbs my friend, Cathy, gave me last spring. (She IS good at gardening, unlike me.) I figure, if they show up next spring, I will be elated. If they don’t, I will probably have forgotten I planted them, in the first place.  Either way, IT WILL BE OKAY.

(And, maybe you are wondering, why is that mouse riding a bird? Because it’s awesome. If I were a mouse, that would be the only way I travel.)


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