Feeling Outdoors-y

Yard work--Fisheyes and Magpies 2015.01.07_654 2015.01.07_671 2015.01.07_682

It’s a beautiful day, so I’ve been playing outside. 🙂

I also did a little work. (Mostly) cleaned up the area next to our shed, where we are stacking unused pavers and bricks while we redo the back yard.  It was a mess, and I was almost sure I’d see a snake or two while I was working on it, but now. I did find this super cool snail. I also turned over a paver and found the largest red ants I’ve ever seen. (I would’ve preferred a snake.) I didn’t get a picture of that, mainly because I was shrieking and hitting them with a shovel.

This is what the area looked like before:


And, what it looks like now:


I still have work to do. Off to the right, you can see a lot of broken pots that need to be thrown out. The blue basket is full of really cool coral pieces I found around the deck. They’ll look nice in the new garden we put in.

I also found some ferns growing by the side of my house. I wonder if I can transplant them to a pot?


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