Oblique Sweater and a Not Finished Painting

Oblique in progress

Some of the YOs are twisted, which annoys me, but too far down for me to care enough to fix!
Kitty stitch marker is disappointed about my screw up.
Kitty stitch marker is disappointed about my screw up.

Right Slanting Diagonal Stitch

Tibett's Point


As promised, here are some progress photos on various projects. I’m knitting up a sweater–for ME! I’m using the Oblique pattern I found on Ravelry. I like it, despite my mistake of twisting my YOs in the wrong direction. (I did it on purpose. Why? Because I thought I was doing them wrong and thought I could make them better. Instead, I just screwed up a small section of the pattern.) I’m using a washable wool yarn, and the photo doesn’t do the color justice. It’s a pretty, faded robin’s egg blue.

I also started a painting of a lighthouse I photographed a few years ago in Upstate New York. I’m not happy with the painting, but I plan to continue working on it until I am. I also have another painting I plan on starting, soon.

I have other projects going, but some of them are secret because they are gifts for other people. 🙂

My family’s heading out to go hiking later today (it’s gorgeous out), so expect some very nice outdoorsy photos in the coming days. 😉


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