Welcome, 2015!

2015.01.05_0102015.01.05_0212015.01.05_0012015.01.05_0202015.01.05_0472015.01.05_0232015.01.05_0482015.01.05_0312015.01.05_0522015.01.05_0372015.01.05_0332015.01.05_027It’s a new year! Kids go back to school tomorrow! Welcome, 2015!

My New Years was spent at home with a sick husband and four kids. I drank some champagne. I watched the ball drop. I headed to bed. Nothing exciting, much like the whole of my winter break. Fortunately, when I am unable to venture beyond the county line, I have a very good friend who is a world-traveller (she’s a flight attendant) bringing me goodies from all over. Her family spent their winter break in Japan, which is one of the places I most want to visit. (I was insanely envious.) It’s all good, though, because she brought me back the coolest souvenirs. 🙂 A tea set, some of the cutest crackers and candies I’ver ever seen, and a very nice bamboo bookmark. (Happy coincidence, I’m actually reading a book of short stories by a Japanese Author:  Revenge by Yoko Ogawa.) My friend is the best!

When not wistfully wishing I had a jet-setting life, I’m reading, and doing one of my various hobbies. I started a hexagon afghan. Tutorial can be found at Attic24. It’s hard to sit and work on it, though, because Marcy is now walking and into EVERYTHING.


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