Fancy (Albeit, Small) Toss Pillows

Small Toss Pillows

This was something small (well, not small–“uncomplicated”) I’ve also been working on.  I bought this fabric waaaaay back earlier this year. It’s some heavy duty upholstery fabric I found in the “remnants” section of Hobby Lobby. (FYI, if you like doing art quilts or small projects, the remnants shelves are the way to go–BUT, be warned…buying remnants can almost be as addictive as buying yarn.)

So, the remnant ended up being quite large, and, as I suspected, matched my couch nicely.  So, I made toss pillows. The size of the pillows are a bit small for my taste, but they’re pretty and that’s really the main thing I was looking for:  something “pretty.” The reason the pillows ended up on the smallish side is because I wanted an even number of pillows with the least amount of fabric waste. This ended up giving me four 13″ x 16″ pillows.

Putting the pillows was ridiculously simple–so simple I think a tutorial is not really necessary, but if you want to see my process, here it is!

1.) I measured my fabric remnant. Did some math. Did some more math. Came up with a size to cut my fabric into: 13.5″ x 16.5″

2.) Cut out my pieces and pinned right sides together. No ironing was needed because the fabric was pretty stiff.

Small Toss Pillows

3.) Starting near the center edge on one of the long sides (or if pillow is square, any side), I sewed a straight line around the perimeter, giving myself a 1/4 inch allowance and leaving enough room to turn the pillow out and stuff.  After sewing, I clipped the corners for a sharper shape on the pillows.

Small Toss Pillows

4.) I turned the pillows right side out and carefully (with a paint brush handle or pencil) pushed the corners out.

5.) I stuffed them, focusing on the corners first.

Small Toss Pillows

Small Toss Pillows

6.) I decided to close the pillows by hand with Blind (Ladder) Stitch. It provides a neater look, and, while more time consuming than zipping it through the sewing machine, it’s actually less of a hassle.

And, Voila! Toss pillows!

Small Toss Pillows

In that same remnant bin, I picked up two more home decor fabrics, which will go towards pillows for my love seat.  Again, a great deal on beautiful fabric that will make very classy pillows. Fancy, no?

Future Pillows

I’m still working on the Four by Four baby quilt. I made some progress yesterday–after realizing a quilter’s best friend is a the “walking foot.” I would have made MORE progress if I started with the walking foot instead of trying to sew my fabric and batting sandwich with my regular sewing foot. (I spent an hour correcting my bunched up fabric by removing my stitches with my most fondest of friends, the Seam Ripper.)  

Four by Four in Progress

Four by Four in Progress

Now that I have the right tool in place, I’m back on track! Since this is my first pieced quilt, I’m making a lot of mistakes, and learning a lot of lessons. I figured a baby quilt would be a snap to throw together, and didn’t realize just how much work goes into making a quilt–of any size! I’m starting to rethink making Maggie a quilt…twin sized quilt? Is that even possible? I’m sure I’ll still try piecing a scrappy quilt after I’m done with this project.  Regardless of the few setbacks I’ve experienced, I’m enjoying the process–and there’s NOTHING like the feeling of pride after finishing a particularly challenging project!


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