Things Were Good…Until They Were Not!

Over the weekend I made a lot of progress on the Four by Four quilt…but probably at the cost of my sanity.

Everything was going well. I had pieced in my smaller sashes.

Looking good, so far!
Looking good, so far!

Now was time for the long sashes.

Well, you know how they always say, “Measure twice, cut once?” Well…

See that? A full half inch off!
See that? A full half inch off!

I was over halfway through sewing this sash on when I noticed my mistake. SO, I had to pull this off the machine, grab the seam ripper, and spent the next fifteen minutes removing the old sash and cutting a new one. And, it gets better.

New sash. Sewing. Annnndddd….


What am I doing wrong, I wonder? Should I sew it with the sash facing down?

Well, Not wanting to start over, I “fixed” the problem.

Can't even tell...Right??
Can’t even tell…Right??

Eh, it’s my first quilt.

So, this seemed to be the pattern as I finished up the sashes–every sash seemed to be a smidgen too small. Then I realized my mistake. My seam allowances were all off by one to two millimeters. Sigh.  (I blame baby-brain.)

Keep Calm

(Find the above printable at Crazy Little Projects.)

Finally, I finished piecing the front, and, while it’s not perfect, I still think it looks great.  (Plus, I’m going to artfully hide that one flaw with a little bit of stitching!)

Piecing is done!
Piecing is done!

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on Linnie. I would love to say all my knitting experience has prevented any mistakes with that project, but, alas, I’d be wrong. (Seriously–the baby is zapping all my brain cells!)  The mistakes are tiny and not worth mentioning, though.

I'm loving the yarn!
I’m loving this yarn!

That’s it, for now! Happy Monday!


One thought on “Things Were Good…Until They Were Not!

  1. I love the quilt top! Don’t worry about the sashing being too short and having to add a piece. At least you had extra fabric to add!

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