DIY Tinkerbell Shoes

Maggie’s dressing up as Tinkerbell for Halloween, and I’ve decided, instead of paying thirty bucks for a cheap, tacky costume, I’d make my own cheap, tacky costumes.  The dress is still in the works (only one last thing to sew together!), but the shoes are finished! (Nothing frustrated me more as a child than to have to wear my sneakers while in costume. Totally shatters the illusion!)

Here’s how I made the shoes, in case you want to make some, too.

What you need is this stuff:

You need old shoes, green acrylic paint, paint brush, green glitter, mod podge, and (not pictured) white pom pom (I made mine) and a hot glue gun.

Step one:  Clean the shoes and apply 2-3 coats of paint, letting dry between each coat.

This is the second coat, I believe.

Step two:  After the paint is dry, mix about two tablespoons of Mod Podge with about a tablespoon of green glitter. (Eyeball it!) Paint onto the painted shoes. Once dry, determine if you want to add another coat. If not, move on to the next step!

Step 3:  After it’s completely dry (I let mine dry overnight) attach pom poms just above the toe with hot glue.  Try to flatten out the pom poms on one side so you have an even surface to put the glue before pressing on to shoe.

And, there you have it! Cheap Tinkerbell shoes!

You can tell I used a pretty worn pair of shoes–see Maggie’s red scribbles on the inside of the shoe?

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