Tinkerbell Cupcakes

Today’s my youngest 5th birthday, and since she’s smitten with Tinkerbell, I decided to design her cupcakes with that theme in mind.

For my cake, I used a Coconut Cake recipe I found online. I didn’t have marshmallow whip, so I improvised the frosting a bit.

So, first of all, I found this really cute cupcake wrappers at Walmart.  The color scheme is very similar to the one used in all things Tinkerbell.



Since the outside of the wrapper looks like petals, I decided to frost the top as if it were the seeded part of the flower.  I also wanted to add something to the cupcake Maggie would immediately identify as “fairy.”  The stores have a lot of Tinkerbell candles and toothpicks with little Tinkerbell flags, but I wanted to make something from scratch. I decided wings! After doing a little research on the web, I settled on piped white chocolate as my medium. I *almost* went with gelatin wings, but I’m glad I went in this direction.

The wings were made using a template I hand drawn, first, on a white sheet of paper.  After getting the design how I wanted, I traced it on the back of the parchment paper I was going to pipe the design on.

I melted the white candy pieces right in the piping bag, following the directions set by the manufacturer.

Then I traced over my pencil marks.  The first few I did were pretty bad. My hand was shaky, and I was getting a feel for the process. No big deal, though, as it quickly hardened, and I just peeled the messed up ones off the sheet and started over.

I ate the “bad” ones, of course. 😉

Then I took some food-grade spray paint (purchased at Walmart)…

Even though it’s “edible,” I still felt weird spraying my decorations with gold paint!

and misted the hardened wings.  The gold sheen might be hard to see in the photo below…


I frosted the cupcakes…


Added the wings, plus a few edible pearl sprinkles.


And there you have it! A Tinkerbell Cupcake!



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