Refinishing Old, Crappy Frames

Small side project–refinishing frames for school pictures!

Pretty standard stuff, but in case you’re interested…

1.) Gather your supplies:

Boring frame.

2.) Brush on one coat of white to prime the surface. You may need to rough up the frame a bit if it has a shiny finish on it. Mine didn’t need it, though.

3.) Then I put two coats on of the color I wanted to use, allowing each coat to dry in between. I chose blue!

This was only after one coat of blue.

4.) After the paint dries, time for glitter!  I mixed one teaspoon of gold glitter with one tablespoon of Mod Podge. WAY too much.  I was able to glitter three frames and STILL had leftover. SO I glittered my Halloween pumpkins and my craft room’s door knob.  (I hate waste!)  Anyhow, add the glitter to the Mod Podge…

And Mix!

Brush on and let dry. Add another coat for extra sparkliness.

And, voila! Pretty, blingy frames:

And a bonus project from yesterday…Tawashi! I got the idea from East of Eden, who used this pattern. (Which is the pattern I used, too.)  Tawashi are cute crocheted dish scrubbers made from cheap acrylic yarn. Here’s mine:

Cute, no?



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