Monday Mayhem!!

Eh, not really. Just another quiet day!

Work continues in the old office/craft room.  I have yet to tackle my years’ (plural) worth of magazines.  I have folded and organized the fabric, and removed much of the clutter.  It’s actually looking might nice!

Almost Finished!
Dang, that’s a lot of magazines!

We had a quiet weekend.  We did a little decorating for Halloween. Did a little reading and picked up my needles for a bit of knitting during football.  Made some kick-ass chili. (Halloween? Knitting? Football? Chili? I think it might be Fall!)

Lily blended in so well among the decorations.

I started the Winter Leaves Lace Scarf pattern by Laura Wick. A few weeks back I spied some Vanna’s Choice yarn in dusty purple on clearance.  I have a weakness for clearance deals (especially ones dealing with yarn, embroidery thread or ribbon) so I picked up two skeins of it.  For once, I decided to use my impulse buy right away, hence the scarf knitting.  Hopefully, I have enough for mittens and a hat, too, but if not, oh well! Who needs matching ensembles?  😀 Here’s my progress:

Will be much more impressive after finished and properly blocked!

Also, I did a quick little craft this morning. I’m not sure if even qualifies as a craft. I had a need, so I decided to fill it.  My need was a decent receptacle to deposit my paper trash waiting to be recycled.  What better way to collect recyclables than with an empty box that was heading to the recycling center?  I took this box, removed it’s flaps (is that what they’re called?) and covered it in old wrapping paper, and, voila! A recycling bin for my office.  Eh, okay–it’s not that spectacular. What it is, though, is money (and resources) saved.

Nothing like taking a picture of something to realize how sloppy it looks!

Oh, and one last thing!  My book club met last Thursday, and I wanted to bring something special to share, so I made Frito Caramel Cupcakes.  I found the recipe here, and this is how they turned out! Impressive, no?

PMS food, if ever I saw it!

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