All Projects on Hold….

…Until I finish organizing and cleaning up all my crap stuff supplies. First milestone reached, though! All yarn has now been converted into easy to store balls.  And look at my genius idea:

Pretty clever, eh?

Alright, alright–I’m sure some one has done this before.  I haven’t seen it, though, so I maybe I should claim this idea?

As you can see, it’s a stuffed animal hang-y storage…thing.  (Seriously? What would you call this?)  Since it was for the boys, and they no longer have stuffed animals, I stole it.  It’s not like they ever really used it, anyway.  Keeping kids organized is an exercise in futility. When I think of all the ways I’ve tried to make the kids’ rooms neater….never did any of my efforts result in clean rooms. Instead, I’d find tubs, bins and boxes, empty, stacked into imaginary cities and castles….and the rest of the toys covering every inch of flooring.

But, I digress.

Point is, I took a toy organizer and stuffed my yarn in it. Voila!

So, next up on my mission to clean up my office/craft room/hide-y hole is to get rid of some of my craft and cooking magazines and organize my fabric….and fix this:

Sigh…I have my work cut out for me.

It’s a huge job, and probably will take me most of next week, especially since I plan on browsing through ALL of those magazines to be sure to copy my favorite tutorials and recipes before boxing them up…

(I can see where the kids get their messiness from.)



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