Roy G. Biv

What a colorful fellow! 🙂

If you can recall, Roy G. Biv is an easy way to remember the colors of the spectrum, and what order they go in. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.  I decided to design these pillows with that color scheme in mind.  There’s something mind-numbingly satisfying awesome about staring at a rainbow–as if the colors are exactly in the order they should be.  Anyhow, two pillows finished so far. One features a quilting technique that emphasizes the bars of the pillow. I thought it was a bit much, so I made the second one with much less stuffing in each segment.

Double rainbows, man!

I’m still working on the granny square pillows, so pictures of those are a day or two (or three) away.  Been busy like a bee, though, and they will be finished soon!


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