Mario Bros Pillow Almost Finished!

There were promises of completed projects. Lots of them. ETA? “Soon.” Well, it’s not exactly “soon,” but I’ve finally picked back up some of the projects I’ve neglected for too long. Probably my second oldest project waiting to be finished would be the Mario pillow I started for Aaron…last year? The year before? Eh, I don’t know! What matters now is it is almost finished! All detail work is complete, and the only thing left to do is attach the back and stuff it. Here’s a preview:

Is it me, or does it look like Mario has mono?

I’ve also completed two “Roy G. Biv” pillows (quilted rainbow pillows), and continue to work on my sister’s granny square couch pillows. Pics of both to follow…maybe tomorrow. (Would you expect anything else?)

Maggie is in school now and my days are pretty aimless. Perhaps this would be the perfect opportunity to revive my blog? Certainly, I now I have the time!


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