The Drawing Board: Magpie’s Toss Pillows

Next project selected! (Sorry, it’s not Mario Bros. related…)  I’m drafting three patterns for applique pillows for a little girl’s room.  So far I have three designs sketched, one of which I have a nearly complete pattern.  (Just needs to be uploaded, typed up, and tested for errors!)

Here’s a sneak peak:

Soon to be cute and colorful pillows!

Also, some kitchen goodness went on yesterday.  I started a batch of fermented sauerkraut,

The bubbling means it's working!

made several quarts of chicken stock,


and tried out a recipe for paleo crackers.

Look out for an update on the kraut in the days (or weeks) to come.  This is my first attempt at fermenting my own veggies, and I’m very excited!  (C’mon, people–it’s food science!  Is there anything more awesome???)

And also, check back for progress on the  pillows!  They are guaranteed to be adorable.


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