Almost Done…

…With the felt and fabric hearts.  Originally, I wanted to do a sort of bunting or garland, but changed my mind.  It’s going to be a simple wall hanging.  And…there will be a tutorial. (For my sewing friends.)

Speaking of tutorials, while I’ve been neglecting my blog, it’s still seen a bit (albeit, a small bit) of traffic.  What brings people to the blog?  The Mario Bros toss pillow I never finished.  Well, since there seems to be a demand for Mario bedding, and my blog comes up when searching for Mario bedding, I’m totally going to take advantage the situation!  After I’m done with my current project, I’m off to work on some Mario stuff and practice my pattern making skills! (Of which, I have…some.)

In completely unrelated news, the boy’s go back to school tomorrow, and I’m not going to lie…I’m thrilled!  I’ll be the one popping the bubbly at the bus stop tomorrow morning.  I kid, I kid! Actually, I’m celebrating with my FM friends at my favorite donut place, Dutch Monkey.  If you’re not one of us, but you frequent the spot, I suggest staying away tomorrow between 9a and 11a.  Unless you enjoy eating while standing.  And loud toddlers/preschoolers.



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