The Drawing Board: Felt and Fabric Hearts

Lazy, lazy.  That’s what I’ve been the last…year…or two or three.  I haven’t been blogging.  I haven’t been baking.  No knitting.  No sewing.  No photo taking.  (Or candlestick making.) Just lazy.  It’s been so long since I’ve done the things I used to love to do that the friends I have made in the last two years know nothing of my previous bloggy, crafty life.  You know.  The stuff I did before friends.  (Seriously, when you know as few people as I did when I moved to Georgia, you’d be knitting blankets and baking your bread from scratch, too.)  Friends are great (sometimes), but I do miss a life of quiet diversions.  I used to make things with these hands!  Now I just rest my chin on them as I read The Facebook.  (These hands do make great shelves.)

You probably know where this is heading.  You’ve read it a million times.  The old “I’m Sorry for Not Being Around, But I’m Back and I Won’t Leave You Again,” post.  Yeah, I’m not going to say that today.  Because I don’t like to lie.  Not that I intend to leave.  I just don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on myself. One day at a time, friend.  One day at a time.

SO, that aside, here’s something I intend on making.  Will I end up making it?  Maybe.  Will I share it here?  Absolutely!  (If I make it. Which I’m not promising.)

So, for your viewing pleasure, an upcoming project.  Which I may or may not do.


Um, yeah, it's going to be blurry! This is just a peek...

What is it?  A heart garland.  For Maggie’s room. 🙂


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