Keeping the kids happy…

…is hard!

Three trips out last week, and after each event, Aaron asks, “what are we doing now?”  Kid, we just came from a two-hour play date at the playground.  Why aren’t you tired???

Anyhow, I haven’t been blogging.  This is mostly because I’m super busy wrangling kids, dogs, and cats.  (It’s a circus here!) Also, taking decent photos has been hard.  I asked for a simple camera to make photo-taking easier.  Ask and ye shall receive, right?  Well, this camera I got (for Mother’s day last year) may be easier to use, it certainly doesn’t churn out the beautiful photos my old camera did.  But I digress…

So, what I’m leading up to is I finally have some photos.  These were taken this past Friday at one of the many events I’ve taken the kids to (that worn out no one but me!)  We hung out for a little over an hour at Riverside Park in Roswell.  The kids are having fun in the Sprayground.  I, alas, am not.  Why?  I didn’t bring a swimsuit.  Or an extra dollar.  (Sprinkler fun costs a buck per person, and not anticipating how incredibly hot I would get, I only bought enough Washington’s to cover the kids.)  The kids had fun, though!

See?  They had a blast!  I, on the other hand, was melting.  I snapped this one right before we left:

Told you, my camera totally sucks.


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