A Well Organized Craftroom is a Must

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day!!

A few weeks ago, I dismantled the toy room.  Sounds like a terrible thing for a mom to do, but the toys were on the floor, the toy bins were empty and upside down, and blackened banana peels were mixed among the rubble.  You would think a room this messy would be seeing a lot of action, but, to my dismay, the kids weren’t playing in the toy room.  What a waste!  Not being able to take it anymore, I moved all the toys back up into the kids rooms and moved my craft supplies, art table, and sewing machine into the large, converted garage.  Along one wall are all of my things, relatively neat and organized.  The other side of the room is empty, waiting for John to fill it with tool cabinets and whatever else he wants.  (I couldn’t very well claim the room as my own.)

Anyhow, all of this effort was for a purpose.  When I was up in New York two weeks ago, I spent many hours going through my mother-in-law’s craft books.  (She has a lot!)  Looking through her stuff, I started to get an itch to stitch…which I had the entire week I was there.  I told myself, when I get back home, I’m going to pick up my old hobbies.  Which I have.

Right now I’m working on two projects.  I’m making myself an apron:

And am crocheting some granny squares, which will eventually be an blanket:

The apron is almost finished.  I’ve basted the bias and only need add a pocket and ties, and neatly sew all basted pieces in place.  After I’m finished with the apron (which I will take pictures of) I’m making a super hero cape for Aaron, and a dress for Maggie.  I’ll probably make something for Sean, too.  I’m not sure what he would like, though.

Having a designated craft area is great, but I do have to admit, I’m still doing a large portion of my crafting at the kitchen table.  Maggie continues to get into things on an hourly basis, so I have to have at least one eye on her at all times.  While I don’t get to work in my craft room as much as I’d like, it’s still good to have a place to keep my projects when I’m not working on them.  I am a lucky woman!


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