It’s been a long, cold, wet winter.  We have had three accumulative snows, and gallons upon gallons of rain.  The first day of Spring came (finally!) last week, and the day after we had flurries.

I’ll be going on my fourth year in Georgia this coming October.  Four years ago my husband and I decided life in Maryland had not only become hectic (we barely saw each other), but was expensive.  We would never be able to own a home with a yard as long as we stayed where we were.  We decided moving further South was the way to go.  We would be closer to family (my parents live in Mississippi, and his dad and stepmom live in North Carolina), and the southern states, as we understood it, was a cheaper place to live than our Mid-Atlantic home.  We decided to look in North Carolina.  A few months of job searching turned up nothing.  When my husband suggested expanding his job search to the Atlanta area, my reaction was “no way–I don’t want to live that far south!”   As luck would have it, he ended up finding a job right outside of Atlanta.

It’s a funny thing.  The only thing I missed about Maryland was the cold air and a real winter–with snow!  Well, I got a taste, this winter, of that Mid-Atlantic chill, and realized my blood must’ve thinned these last few years.  Obsessively, I’ve been examining the branches around my house.  Is that a bud?  A bit of green?  Are the birds back?  Do I sense an increase in squirrel activity?  Are those bunnies in my yard?

Finally, the trees are blossoming and the mornings are not nearly as chilly as they have been.  The rain is still abundant (a necessary pain), but the sun, when it does show, is warm and bright.

This is our first Spring in our new house.  I anxiously watch each naked tree in my yard.  I’m curious to see their spring blooms!  One tree behind our house was an ugly eye soar all winter.  Black and crusty looking when it’s branches were bare, this tree now how bright fuchsia buds.

Another Springtime bonus i discovered the other day.  I was walking down the stairs when I saw a larger hot air balloon through the window in my foyer.  I gathered the kids to see it.

Finally, Spring has Sprung!


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