Sweet Sachet!

First of all, I haven’t been around because we have been house-hunting…  We found a great house in Cumming, Georgia!  We made an offer on the property, the current owners accepted, and in three weeks, we close!!! 🙂  I am THRILLED!!!! (I’ll post more about the house later.)

I haven’t been doing a whole lot of working, but I’ve been thinking about it.

While I love creating elaborate, hand embroidered and beaded wall hangings and pillows, they are very time consuming, and their marketability is limited….I don’t intend to stop making them–they let me be creative!!–but I would like to add more functional products to my store.  Trade in some of that flash for simple, yet elegant designs.

Items I am beginning to add to the store reflect my interests.  For example, I’m a housewife.  I look forward to “Market Day.”  I savor the smell of fresh laundry, hot from the dryer.  I enjoy cooking, and love baking more.  My home is my haven, and I love to dress it up.

I also love vintage things.  Ask my friends and family–if it’s old, I adore it.  I could spend hours in an antique store, marvelling at old fabrics and knickknacks.

Combining my love of home and my affinity for antiques, I’ve decided to add vintage-inspired housewares and jewelry to my inventory.  The move will be slow, and as I mentioned, I will continue to make the “unique” items I love.  The intent is not to change, but to make my items more accessible.

I’ve started with some sachets.

Set of 3 Victorian Style Sachets
Set of 3 Victorian Style sachet

I’m starting small.  (I’m moving in three weeks, remember?)  I’ve listed two items already.

Hand embroidered Heart Sachet
Hand embroidered Heart Sachet

In the future, I expect to add aprons, tea towels, pot holders, toss pillows, and more traditional quilts, as well as vintage inspired bracelets, brooches and necklaces.

Keep checking back at the Shop!


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