I’ve Got a Secret…,


I’m participating in a swap over at the North Georgia Street Team (heard of them? If not, I must not be talking enough about ’em). I got my secret swap partner, and though she may not read my blog–or know that I exist–I am doing something very special for her, indeed! I will post pictures after I know that she has received it, but for now, I can only tell you the theme is “comfort.”

And, of course, since I’ll be sending out a package, I’ll be receiving one, too. Oh, and all the ladies involved are SOOOO talented! I am dying of anticipation!

I still haven’t technically started on my challenge item for this month. I’m doing the Siren of the Sea, which I will be calling “The Little Mermaid”–the challenge theme is “fairytales”–I had to make her bigger, which I did, and now I need to start cutting out pieces. This will happen SOON.

I’m not sure if I’m going to submit her, though. Fairytales…so many cool things I can do with a theme like that. If I have time, I might make an alternate item.

So, yep. No pictures just yet. My current project is a secret. My next project, not really started. Who knows about the third. Things will start appearing, though. I need to get into a rhythm, and once that happens–BAM!! A multitude of crafty goodness.

Until then…


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