The Before-School Scavenger Hunt

Today was “preview day” at my children’s elementary school.  Teachers were met.  Classrooms were visited.  Lists of school supplies were handed out.

As I glanced down the long lists given out by the teachers, I had to wonder if I’d earn a prize for being able to find everything asked for.

Velcro dots?  4×6 glossy photo printer paper?  Shaving cream?

I ended up spending…$134 dollars for both kids.  Supplies only.  As I walked down each aisle, I muttered over and over, “ridiculous.  Absolutely ridiculous.”  Whatever happened to crayons, loose leaf paper and number two pencils?  My parents had it sooo easy.

Is it like this everywhere?  Are your supply lists dominated by cleaning supplies?  I’m interested to know if there are regional differences in the cost of going back to school.


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