Peace. Quiet. Just a Week Away…

It’s the end of the kids summer vacation.  Figures I’d get things under control right before they return.

The kids go back to school next Monday.  Of course, this sends me into money-spending mode.  School supplies, clothes, shoes, book bags…

School supplies…since when is it my job to keep the teacher in antibacterial wipes and hand soap?

Having kids in the public school system is expensive.  Yes, I know private school tuition can be comparable to college tuition, but it seems like there is an open request for money once that first bell of the school year rings.  There are various things parents are pressured to buy, like tee shirts and sweat shirts.  There’s the ever-popular school magnet to affix to the back of your minivan.  (How else will everyone know where your kid goes to school?  Or that you have kids?)  There are multiple collections throughout the year for class parties and teacher gifts.  Field trips.  Book fairs.  School store.  The list goes on.

BUT, I will not let this mar the happiness I feel about the kids going back to school.  Once again, it will be just Maggie and me during the day.  No fighting.  No screaming.  No exclamations of boredom or hunger.  Just us girls!

Not that I won’t miss my boys.  I love them.

That said, Monday’s too far away…


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