Pinching My Pennies

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but my husband and I have a dream.  Well, it’s more a goal.  (We’re not just wishing, here–we’re planning.)  We want to move to the country.  We want acreage.  We want a decent sized house.  We don’t want to be able to peer into our neighbors kitchen out our bathroom window.

Beyond that goal is a bigger dream–a small farm, maybe some chickens–you know, in case our economy tanks and food becomes scarce. I’ve always been a bit old-fashioned, wanting to learn things most people avoid in favor of convenience.  I truly want this farm thing to happen. Yes, I know it will be hard work.  Yes, I know it’s not as easy as grabbing a hoe and tossing corn into a family of chickens.  I’m will to give it a try, though, because I’m sick of suburbia.  I’m sick of the Joneses, and their ridiculously high standards.  (Those pretentious jerks.)

At anyrate, if ever we want to find ourselves on our own land up in the mountains of Georgia, we need to save money.  Those pennies need to be pinched so hard, they squeal!!  So, I’m taking steps to reduce our cost of living.  As I find ways to save money, I will pass my knowledge on to you, because everyone could use a little frugality in these uncertain times!  (Seriously–have you been watching the news?)

Continuing, my first set of suggestions:

1.)  Plan your menu.  If you are flying blind, you are wasting money.  Ask any Frugal Fanny.

2.) Write a grocery list!  (See above.)

3.) Buy off-brand, if you can.


4.) Check unit prices to make sure it is a real deal!

5.) Grow it if you can.  I just started a container garden of vegetables.  My first.  (Practicing for the whole farm thing!)

They look a little thirsty...I think?
They look a little thirsty...I think?

Lastly, I want to mention a money saving resource you may be unaware of.  Aldi.  It’s that small store that looks like it should have some gas tanks out front.  It’s actually a grocery store, with amazing deals–so amazing, you’ll wonder, “what’s the catch?”  Well, for one, you have to provide your own bags or boxes, and you have to bag your own groceries.  Also, you have to rent your grocery cart for a quarter, which you get back after the shopping trip.  And, most (almost all) of their items are private label brands, which doesn’t really matter if you are already buying off-brand!  (Incidentally, Aldi offers a double guarantee.  If you are unhappy with your product, they replace it AND refund your money.)

Bananas?  .33 cents a pound.  Milk?  $1.89.  A gallon.

Worth a look-see, wouldn’t you say?


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