Back from Vacation!

Actually, I’ve been back almost two weeks.  (I’ve been very busy!)

We went two places, Smith Mountain Lake, VA and Jekyll Island, GA.  (Two part trip!!)

First, we went to visit (part of) John’s family up in VA.  We all met at his Aunt Kate’s lake house and spent the Fourth of July weekend swimming and cruising in a party boat.  Livin’ large!  🙂  (Momentarily, at least.  We had to come home eventually…)

Next, we headed down to Jekyll Island, Georgia, for camping and beach-type fun…only, we weren’t able to camp…and our beach fun was continuously interrupted.  You see, we picked a rather rainy week to visit Jekyll Island.  Instead of camping, we spent mucho dinero on a mediocre hotel room (with excellent views, though!) and outrageously overpriced restaurant food.  (Hey, when you are on an island, the restaurants can charge whatever they like, I guess!)

There are lots and lots of pictures, which can be viewed in their entirety on my flickr account, but for now…

Fourth of July at Smith Mountain Lake, followed by Photos of Jekyll island:

(More SML and Jekyll Island photos–also, if you click the links in the above paragraphs, it’ll take you to more in depth stories about my trip!)


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