Healthy, Pretty Snack!

(And it’s pretty healthy, too.)

If you are about “clean eating,” this snack is for you!  (And kids love it, too!)

Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Very simple, very good!
Very simple, very good!

Serves 4


4 Large Strawberries

1 Ripe Peach, diced

4 raspberries

4 heaping tbsp lowfat plain yogurt

agave nectar (for drizzling)


Very simple!

1.) Slice each strawberries and dice peaches, and divide between four dessert cups.

2.) Spoon a dollup of yogurt into each cup, on top of the fruit.

3.) Drizzle agave nectar over each dollop, and garnish with a raspberry!


(Note:  Agave nectar can be found in health food stores, as well as some supermarkets, near the organic sweeteners.)


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