We’re Making a Bee-line for the Tree line!

Well, not today.  Later.  Next month.

There are so many fun things we have planned for the next few weeks!  On Saturday, Aaron is going to his best friend’s pool party.  (She’s turning 5!)  Sunday I have my  first street team meeting!  (I can’t wait!)  And the following weekend is the 4th of July, and we will be up at Smithmountain Lake for Sun and Fun!  My father-in-law is renting a boat!  We will be doing lots of cooking out!  Ah, it will be great!

And then….

OREGON!  We are trailing to Oregan!  From Georgia!  The whole trip is going to be filled with sights I’ve never seen!  We plan to camp most of the time (which will be a challenge with Sean, but we’ll make it work) and I’m going to get to visit the Pacific Ocean!  Our final destination is a Campground off the Oregan coast!  Sqeee!  So happy!

I, of course, am going to take lots and lots of pictures.  The photo ops should be endless!

The biggest reason I am excited is this is the first family trip since my middle child was a baby.  We never go anyplace cool because all our relatives are in different parts of the East Coast.  We usually spend all our vacation visiting them!  (Which is fine, but I want to see purple mountains majesty!)


Later, I plan on posting on a cakey fiasco–but I don’t have much time this morning to blog.

Buh, bye!



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